The Weaver: History and Community Benefits

The Weaver is closely connected to the past and future of our East Austin neighborhood where weโ€™re making meaningful contributions to increase affordable housing and add community amenities for all to enjoy.

Here’s how:

The Weaver was developed as part of the non-profit Austin Geriatric Center’s redevelopment and expansion of the Rebekah Baines Johnson Center. That center, built in 1972, has provided 250 affordable homes, which are now in need of a total renovation.

Part of the once federally-owned 17 acres donated to the AGC by President Lyndon B. Johnson, the non-profit sold the previously unused portion of land for The Weaver in order to fund the construction of 250 new affordable apartments as well as the complete renovation of the RBJ Center’s original 250-unit residential tower.

The AGC and the local development team it selected worked with the surrounding neighborhood for more than six years as they planned the redevelopment, earning the support of the East Cesar Chavez neighborhood group and several unanimous votes of approval by the Austin City Council.

Construction of the RBJ Center’s new affordable apartments is now underway. Current residents will move into the new housing upon completion, then the current tower will be renovated. After that, current residents will have their choice of remaining in the new tower or returning to their prior home.

Named for President Johnson’s Secretary of Housing and Urban Development Robert Weaver, our community has also contributed to the creation and maintenance of a new public park at the RBJ Center, a new restroom at Festival Beach built in partnership with The Trail Foundation, and the construction of a new Cap Metro bus stop and shelter at the RBJ Center.